Welcome to the brand new Las Alemejas home page!

Most of this web site is not up yet, but soon, kids, soon. Expect to see a lot of stories here (finally!), a new and updated discography, new character profiles and much, much more.

Las Almejas had a successful tour for their last album Pink Velvet Swamp and are planning a summer tour of west Texas for the follow up Hazy Green Nation (which was released back in February). No opening act has been finalized yet, but we're thinking of taking the Spastic Pakis on tour with us again.

Our rivalry with The Fabulous Menstrual Cups STILL continues unabated. But what do you expect with those psycho bitches? But we be dealing, homies, we be a dealin'! Now to wrest Kim from their evil clutches…

Until next time (which is probably a few years after Ratan gets back from vacation)

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