Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.

Why I do this

  1. I believe in the CC system and use it extensively. I have created most of my banners with CC images I found on Flickr and I have released music under the Rural Citizens Band name for the past four years, and have released five albums (yes, #5 will come out someday) under a CC license.
  2. I believe things online should be free and shared with as many people as possible. I do not begrudge anybody who wants to sell their products online. In fact, this web page was built and uploaded with commercial software that I paid for. BUT for me, I want to give my stuff away and will do so as I please. My characters, my work, my stories, my distribution channel.
  3. With the style of stories I write, it's hard to get published. Most literature journals only want hokey "this story will change your life" type crap. Or boring stories. Remember kids, "literary fiction" is a euphemism for boring. I do not write those kinds of stories. However, if you laugh at anti-social behavior, like good music and you're not uptight about lesbian erotica, these time traveling bisexual punk rock chicks will appeal to you!
  4. Along those same lines, I want my stories to get as wide an audience as possible. By using the CC license I can get people who enjoy my stories to archive them on their site, on their dollar. Part of the CC system is altruism, allowing people to use your work for free, but the other part is free (or almost free) self-promotion. And if you archive my stories I might even put one of your stories on another one of my web sites. Fair is fair.
  5. It helps push back against the paranoia surrounding copyright and intellectual property that is running rampant in the USA right now. Again, I do not begrudge an artist a living or making money off their work. What I do begrudge is corporatism and the protectionism that the US government gives to the RIAA, MPAA, NBA, etc, etc. When somebody who streams a sitcom or an NBA game can go to prison for five years for doing so, something is bad wrong. [a short aside — most child molesters do not get that amount of time. Think about that for a second. In America today, you can get more time for streaming the Big Bang Theory than you could if you harmed a child. Have we lost our fucking minds or what?]

The fine print: I include the NC part because I do not want people making money off my work. BUT, if you want to compensate me (money, free blu-rays, mangas or blowjobs from your college-aged girlfiend/wife/daughter/sister/etc) then yes, by all means, use my stories in a commercial web page/magazine. The ND part comes because I do not want people editing my stories to suit their web site. It's all or nothing, baybee. I hope the writers and artists in the audience understand this part of it. This also means I do not want people writing fan fictions of my characters, but somehow I doubt that will ever happen, so it's almost ridiculous to mention. ;-)

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