Los Créditos

Special thanks to Philip for creating the rotating banner script and for being cool.

The stories on this site have been released under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs license. If you're bored and have read the stories, you can also read why I'm doing this.

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Many banners on this site were taken from Creative Commons licensed images found on Flickr. Individual credits are as follows:

Downtown El Paso by Paul Garland

guitar amp:
guitar & amp pr0n by Marco Raaphorst

Horsehead nebula:
Horsehead Nebula ~ Orion by Catherine Todd

Ferris Wheel:
Sky View Ferris Wheel, Sydney Darling Harbour by Alex E. Proimos

Desert View Watchtower by im me

Damn powerline! by Nick Kocharhook

arch bridge:
Bridge, Chatsowrth House by Steve Cadman

railroad bridge:
Bridge by Brian Byrnes

Church Bells by Vladimer Shioshvili

ghost town:
Ghost Town 3 by Charles Hutchins

Railroad Dam Waterfall by Robert Nunnally

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